In A Gothic Mood * The Embalmer's Tale * Nitrate & Pancake * New England Gothic

My literary interest are diverse and range from Gothic horror to historical Young Adult novels. My first forays into fiction were period pieces set in 19th century New England that celebrated my love of the Gothic. They are dark tale of romance, death, and rebirth and provide thrills, chills and romance.

 My research led me to the story of the first riot in American history. The year was 1788 and New York City saw a major crisis for the fledgling United States, the infamous Doctors’ Riot.  Grave robbing by teenage medical students along with the gruesome reality of medical dissection united the bluest of blue bloods with the lowest of the low and almost brought New York to its knees.

I’ve had a passion for classic movies since childhood and am overjoyed to see restoration efforts have brought some of Broadway’s grand movie palaces back to their past splendor. 

I researched the life of another spunky teenager, the great French actress, Sarah Bernhardt.  Both Sarah and her handsome lover, Dr. Samuel-Jean Pozzi, have been a fascination of mine for years. I have been fortunate to work on the story of their relationship with Dr. Caroline de Costa, Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia.  The prestigious British magazines, History Today and The Lancet, have published our articles.

The In A Gothic Mood pages are a collection of essays on the genre.  Gothic literature has played a tremendous role in my literary life and writers like Charlotte Bronte, Poe, Daphne du Maurier, Sarah Waters, and Dianne Setterfield continue to inspire me. 

Another page to explore is A Fairie Tale in Green, a short essay about the most forbidden and taboo drink of all time, absinthe (aka "the green fairy").  The secondGears of the Future, explores the relatively new subgenre of Steampunk.  Gothic novelist Cat Winters wrote the third, the Bizarre History of Séances.  Cat’s debut novel is In the Shadow of Blackbirds and she will see the release of her second novel, The Cure for Dreaming, later this year.